One crew of cherry tomatoes
is ready to share history, landscapes
and flavors of Puglia into Web 3.

9 Layers
295 Items
15 Locations from Puglia
15 Rare animated backgrounds

The Toms are the product
of the work of 4 digital farmers

This is the story of a copywriter, a graphic designer, a project manager and a marketing specialist that find an overgrown field on the blockchain Ethereum. Having understood how the cyber-shovel works and how to take care of the cyber-seeds, they decide to grow a specific kind of cherry tomatoes: The Toms.

The Toms have been watered for months with love for the territory, digital innovation and planning ability.

The four farmers, knowing the great potential of the Toms, decided to fence the field and to open the gate only to the people that will believe in the first Italian region that is able to connect the real world with the NFT world: Puglia.


Now,let's get to it: Where are these Toms leading us?

To a new concept of tourism.

We choose Puglia because is where we live and because we think it has many unexpressed potentials.

Even National Geographic realized that, mentioning it in the“Best Value Travel Destination in the world”2020 and 2021.

NFT becomes the new ticket to travelin Puglia, outside and inside its borders.

Holidays and experiences, among centuries-old farms, enchanting villages and laid tables, but also immersive documentaries and tastings of typical productsdirectly at your home.

Together we can create a bridge between reality and Web 3. Together we can speed up the procedureof the integration process of the NFT in everybody’s daily life.

Puglia will be our best experiment. The first.

One community of travellers

Maybe you are thinking: “but I am not from Puglia, I do not care about this”.
You are probably wrong; you could be from Puglia and maybe you do not know.

Everybody is linked to their country but also to other places, places that they visited or that they are dreaming of visiting. You can be Dutch but you could have left a piece of you heart trekking on the Peruvian Andes, you could be from Seattle but picturing yourself wandering in Marrakech.

We want to create one community of travellers, in which we can talk about places, experiences, dives into lagoon, races across the desert and drinks sipped under palm trees. We want to create ongoing cultural exchanges to enrich our lives and to broaden our horizons.

Our starting point is Puglia, we hope you like it.
But the world is vast and the stories countless.
Are you interested?


Step 1

Discovering Puglia

Social networks launch and project presentation.
Whitelist launch.

Step 2

Unboxing Puglia

Creation of tasting boxes that can be sent to holders in agreement with the first companies that will support the project.

Step 3

Take a piece of Puglia

Primary market opening.

Step 4

Puglia squared

Those who will buy Toms within one month from the opening of the public sale will have access to free mint of the second collection.

Step 5

Framed Puglia

Sending a high-resolution file of minted Toms, printable on paper, cloth or any other media.

Step 6

Future of Puglia

Partnerships with organizations working on territorial requalification.

Step 7

Tasting Puglia

Discounts on enogastronomic e-commerce already active in the export.
Agreements with companies sponsoring the project.

Step 8

Win a dinner from Puglia

Giveaway boxes: free products.

Step 9

Visiting Puglia

Discounts on stays in Puglia.
Agreements with facilities sponsoring the project.

Step 10

Puglia in the first row

Sponsoring of national and international events in Puglia and reserved first-row seats.

Step 11

Free stays

7 days free accommodation in typical hotels.
For two people or for families up to five people.

Step 12

Toms’ Puglia

Merchandising launch.
T-shirts, gadgets... no limits.

Stage 2

- Creation of a tour with accommodations
in a single or multiple locations
- New collection launch
- Creation of a token
- Creation of DAO
- Immersive documentaries about Puglia in the Metaverse
- Partnerships with international travel influencer
- Present the same format to other Italian regions
and create partnerships

ERC721A Standard

We developed the project focusing on creativity and quality.
The ERC721A Standard, an innovative protocol launched for the first time by Azuki, allows to cut gas fee costs on Ethereum platform. On the following chart we compare ERC721 and ERC721A.

An implementation that required a greater effort in terms of planning and investment, but it fully embodies our long-term vision.

This choice rewards the community and in particular those people that will believe in the project, that means the people that will buy more NFT at the same time. This choice was taken also in terms of safety and transparency. On the Ethereum platform the copies/scams are much rarer compare to other blockchains.

We are among the few Italian project that implemented the ERC721A Standard.
We hope it will be increasingly chosen in order to see the Italian NTF scene more and more competitive.
Even beyond borders.

Gli Agricoltori


creator and copywriter


creator and graphic designer


project manager


marketing specialist

In collaboration with

NFT Studio

developers team

About us

We have always been promoting our region, with personal and professional initiatives.
We are a cohesive group, we have been working together for more than five years and we reached our greatest successes in the fields of creative communication , strategic planning for companies and organization of big multi-sector events.

We get to know in person excellent realities from Puglia that are active in the enogastronomic export, high-profile hotels and we have been collaborating for years with the regional institutions involved in tourism promotion. For us NFT are the natural evolution of the marketing

With our large community we can make our project stronger and desirable even to skeptics. We do not know how long it is going to take, nobody knows, but we are sure thatour idea is unique, organized and clear.

Those who will get onboard first, owners of NFT or partner companies, will have great benefits overtime.